About us

At Tiara & Crown,
we take inspiration from the beauty of nature and turn floral design into beautiful and unique headpieces that appeal to a diverse range of people,
from discerning brides who want to look stunning on their special day to teenagers looking for a fun and unique fashion accessory.

Tiara & Crown is all about quality handcrafted pieces made from great materials, beautiful craftsmanship and tons of love and passion.

It started with us paying more attention on how to make women more beautiful and less artificial, and now we have birthed just the right stuff to give your hair that extra glam. Our products, Tiara and Crown, are handmade and designed with the adequate level of attention for your luscious smile.

Given how much we advocate for natural beauty, my sister and I have opted for natural materials and have stayed away from industrial mass production. This was, our desires of painstakingly designing beautiful hair accessories will feel like a gift from we to you. With love, our pieces are made, and it is our utmost desire that they make you smile.

Tiara and Crown has been over 8 years now, and in this time, we have perfected our craft and watched numerous women wear irreplaceable smiles by wearing our hair accessories. Admitted, it is time-consuming what we do, and given that there are no electrical devices employed, but we believe it gives the client more joy knowing that the beautiful piece on their hair had been intricately woven with care and effort and love. Our clients love this about us — that we make the best pieces to suit them.

Indeed, this quality has had an upturn in demand for our accessories.
For different occasions, we serve you just right.
From Weddings and Special Events, Music Festivals, Communion, New Baby Dedication, and Kids and Adults Birthdays and Anniversaries, and even Photo Shoots, we come to make you picture-beautiful.

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We love to see you smiling and looking beautiful.