Baby Cei – Mouve


Newborn – 4 years old

A deliciousness endlessly packed with stunning colours and eternal powers of beauty.A stunning accent to your precious one.


πŸ’“ If you are looking for a specific/favourite colour or any inquiry about this headpiece, please feel free to contact us by filling in the form below, we would be able to help you out if we got colour/materials you are looking for in our stock, we could make it for you without extra charge. Β  Β  Β 

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Our floral headpieces products are breeze to put on.

They are super-comfortable very soft and stretchy elastic band that fit special from Newborn Baby to Toddler up to 4 years old,.. So adorable.


β€œUnique, versatile and oh-so-pretty, our handmade flower headpieces create a dreamy look no matter the occasion. Wear yours with everything from your wedding to your off-duty denim!”


Sweetness- Floral Paper β€˜Longer-lasting than real blooms: All our products are handmade and created with love.


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